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TMS Radio
« on: July 17, 2015, 04:38:41 AM »
Ohai dear players!

You might remember that we have an awesome radio that most likely currently plays dope DnB tracks and other awesome electro!

If you like the radio and would like to listen to it on your mobile, here's what you should do:
- Download VLC app for iOS or Android depending on your phone
- Open it
- Touch the "three dots" button on the top left corner

- Open Stream

- Inside the window, enter "http://tms-server.com/radio.ogg"

Some of you might have already been listening to the radio on their mobile using VLC. If so, please note the address changed, the correct address being above.

You can also still access the radio using any web browser (except Safari on iOS ::) ) at http://tms-server.com/radio.

Thanks for reading, see you ingame!

PS: Also, it it worth noting our beloved radio will soon be available on our unique TMS App. Look out for update 0.1.1-r5 soon!

PPS: While I'm at it, I also changed the forums URL as you probably already noticed. No need to carry around that useless /forum any longer, right? Better late than never, right? Hehe.  :-[

PPPS: I'll need feedback on that forum URL change, so please signal any bug you encounter. Thanks!
In particular, report any « 404 - Not found »  error you may encounter, please.
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